Placenta Cream Noni and Goat Milk 30 g

Principal component

Placenta (placenta sheep) and collagen-goat milk-noni-squalane oil-tea tree oil, EMU oil, you know, called the bombshell beauty Cleopatra soak with the goat milk, kept the skin whitening, we bring the goat milk with cream. Goat milk is very rich with minerals and vitamins will suppress reactive oxygen species (taurine) amino acid, because of allergies or sensitive skin also has anti-inflammatory, can be used with confidence. Lactic acid slows down, dead skin, and at the same time providing beauty and whitening and moisturizing effect is outstanding. Noni is called “God’s gift” and “miracle fruit”, includes 140 different nutritional antioxidants also we plenty of included, so we will prevent skin corrosion and dullness. Besides, has anti-allergic effects, anti-aging and moisturizing effect is outstanding. This cream prevents from drying of the air conditioning and heating, as a nourishing cream morning and evening you can use please.