EMU 100% pure oil 30ml

3, Taisei-synonymous with the “cure-all” of EMU oil

Natural oil contains oleic acid (skin penetration) skin cells rejuvenate oleic acid from 60% to 70%. Oleic acid oil instilling promptly to the muscle cells from the epidermis, so promptly eliminates the sense of beta付ki. -Linolenic acid and linoleic acid (an anti-inflammatory effect and many polyunsaturated fatty acids) these ingredients that will protect from germs and bacteria growth surface of the skin. -Vitamin E vitamin E (antioxidant) is working to help the growth of new cells, increased skin aging prevents healing. Oil is taken from the fatty large birds with EMU oil, native to Australia in 2 large, flightless birds from there to the side of things, is the national bird of Australia. EMU is resistant to temperature, very strong bird life force survived for tens of thousands of years, harsh environments, especially male Emus are female eggs held in the 60-day continues to heat up, but I don’t eat food during this period. Meanwhile nutrition instead of nutritional fat reserves ago it consumes, will live. From the high nutritional value that subcutaneous fat is the EMU oil. Native Aboriginal people of Australia, EMU oil moisturizing course, Burns’s removal of wound care and pain medicine, and the widely used “Elixir” used as a 40000 years ago come was so. Origin Australia, as a remedy, certified by the Government. Is not familiar with Japan oil, height of the skin care benefits, as well as health beauty, widely used increasingly.Can be used as a massage oil.

[EMU oil effects & benefits]

EMU oil is very close to human skin and will help to improve dry skin, keeping skin dryness of skin barrier caused by weakened surprisingly moisture and penetration, so works quite as skin-care products. Country, MadMax EMU oil is collected from EMU raised free-range in oil is milky milky white almost without smell and slimy, greasy as a salary, further growth is very good for a high moisture retention and penetration we valued the EMU oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and blood effect dependants are using EMU oil in the nursing field, from babies to the elderly will, regardless of age, Currently your moisturizing cream, mix together a drop and will use more of that oil can be expected to effect. -Anti-inflammatory, sedative effects, joint pain, back, shoulder, sports fatigue through muscle pain relief (used as a massage oil elite athletes), Burns, diaper rash, scrapes, cuts, and because it cannot be taken from stimulation of the external protection of bedsores, sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema as a carrier oil protection and improvement in conjunction with other essential oils, you can use a limited amount of high-cost luxury usage is.