EMU 100% pure oil 30ml

The emu is a large, flightless bird, native to Australia which can survive in very harsh environment. During the process of incubation, the male hardly eats or drinks for around 60 days but consume reserved nutritional fat. Emu Oil is the one which is collected from such nutritional fats below the skin of the bird.

Emu oil has been used by Australian aborigines for thousands of years to heal wounds, reduce pain and relieve various joint and muscular disorders and because the emu oil is the closest oil to the one fount in human skin, it is extremely low allergenic therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

Our Emu Oil is  collected from EMU raised free-range. The oil is milky white and almost without smell.

Top Athlete uses this Oil as Massage Oil.


  • Anti-Inflammatory / Sedative Action
  • Arthralgia / Backache / Neuralgia / Stiff Shoulder
  • Relieving the muscle pain or shoulder stiffness by Sports
  • Burn / Diaper Rash / Scratch / Cut